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Links to two other projects which were mentioned on Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

Nelly Cootalot, currently needing more money. You can back it up on KS as well as download the first game to give you an idea of what this could be.

The Realm, sadly not having gotten all the money they needed through KS. However, there's a mailing list you can subscribe to and a Steam workshop you can leave nice comments on as they seem to want to launch a second KS some time later.

For other interesting projects in different genres, see the katchup tag on RPS.
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Kotaku published a very nice article on what could be an amazing game called A Hat In Time. If you're interested, you can support it on Steam Greenlight and back up their Kickstarter project (already more than fully funded but they aim for bonus chapters and full voice acting now).

As far as I'm concerned, they had me at Mustache Girl and the fact that the main character is a girl with a cape, a top hat and an umbrella. Where was this game when I was a girl?


May. 5th, 2013 01:59 pm
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There are several feeds about games that I know of:
[syndicated profile] indiegames_feed from - The Weblog.
[syndicated profile] rockpapershotgun_feed from Rock, Paper, Shotgun (about PC games)
[syndicated profile] jayisgames_feed from Jay is Games (about free online browser games, mobile games, indie games and casual games)
[syndicated profile] merlanfrit_feed from Merlanfrit (in French; about video games and sometimes board games)
[syndicated profile] trictrac_feed and [syndicated profile] trictrac_tv_feed from Tric Trac and Tric Trac TV (in French; board game news and videos)
Edit: I've just added [syndicated profile] kotaku_indiegames_feed from Kotaku - Indie Games.

but do you have anything else to recommend?
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According to several reports on Steam and info from one of the developers himself, Fez won't work with some Intel Integrated graphics cards: the game crashes or just won't load. Some users who could update their drivers said it worked eventually but others said it didn't help (not to mention those with cards too old for updates). If you're considering buying the game, check your specs. The game requirements are quite detailed but didn't really mention this in an obvious manner. If you have a dedicated chipset, do read some of the other reports as high resolutions may be problematic too. Personally, the game crashed for on initial loading but it worked fine when I restarted it. *crossing fingers*

To get more info and report issues see the official forum on Polytron.

Also Steam has version 1.02 while GOG has version 1.0. (this is not me saying you should buy it on steam!). It's also available through the Humble Store now. No idea which version it is :/

Edit: Up to version 1.03 on Steam now and see this post for more info on current issues and a possible patch for Intel Integrated graphics users.

Edit2: The game is up to version 1.06 now. See the release notes for what patches fix and don't fix.
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FEZ up for preorder on Steam and GOG. The game is out on May 1. If you're interested, hurry up. :)
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Anyone get any good games for Christmas?

My sister gave me the expansion for Killer Bunnies & The Journey to Jupiter, as well as Shootin' Ladders, the sequel to Run For Your Life, Candyman!, which is my favourite board game. (Seriously, it was the centerpiece for the tables at my wedding.)

My husband gave me an expansion for the card game Gloom.

Strangely, there were no video games this year. This is a first, in several years!

What did you all get? Or what were you hoping for?
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My partner [personal profile] osirus and I are in the middle of our annual game-geekery and he's posting an analysis to the forums at BoardGameGeek, in case anyone's interested.
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Has anyone heard anything good or bad about Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat? Or had a chance to play it yet?

I really enjoyed Donkey Kong Country back on the SNES, but I haven't heard anything about this new one...
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so what are you playing right now?


May. 5th, 2009 10:40 am
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I saw somewhere that an Animal Crossing Clock and something else came out for DSiWare this week. Has anyone looked at it yet?

What do you think about the limited offerings so far, in general?
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I'll try to get the ball rolling in here:

What kind of gamer do you consider yourself? Do you stay to one specific genre or type of game, or do you like all kinds?


Apr. 30th, 2009 08:01 pm
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Feel free to post anything game-related here!