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Today my brother reminded me that I used to play a video game with crocodiles and eggs when I was a kid. I'd completely forgotten that but some visuals came back when he mentioned it. We couldn't remember anything else about it though so we supposed this was a very old game, probably one I had on the original Game Boy. Google gave us nothing until I suddenly remembered it was a pinball game. And there you go: Revenge of the Gator, released in 1990. I was so bad at this it's no surprise it was tucked away in a little corner of my mind. Oddly enough we both remembered it as a colored game although we didn't have any when we were children.

What about you? Any forgotten games in that brain of yours? :)
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There was a good response to the last similar post, so maybe it's time for another one! I wanted to post this yesterday, but I got distracted.  photo anime_sweatdrop_emoticon_v2b.gif

I just recently finished Momodora: Requiem Under the Moonlight, an extremely cute pixel-art metroidvania I heard about from a Dark Souls podcast, if that tells you what kind of game it is. It seems like it's geared to challenge runs--there are extra drops for beating bosses without taking damage--but I went through on Normal difficulty and had a great time.

Last night I started ゼルダの伝説:ふしぎの木の実 (大地の章) (Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons), which isn't quite as charming as I found Link's Awakening when I first played it last November, but I'm only like an hour in. It still has time to win me over. I do like the way the seasons change and I haven't even gotten the ability to manipulate them yet!

I also loaded up Warcraft III for the first time in half a decade and I'm having a hard time resisting replaying it, though I did do a couple matches against one computer. It just got a new patch, much to my surprise, and people are still playing DotA. Some things never change.
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Is this sort of post allowed? The rules didn't say anything about it.

Anyway, I love this freaking game, and it's on sale right now, and the sequel is in production, so I just wanted to share that!
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 I've been so into Uncharted lately I made a whole bunch of Uncharted 4 icons.
Putting the links to my icon journal in case anybody wants to have a look.

1.  2. 3.

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I'm staying away from Steam because I don't have time to get absorbed into anything serious right now and therefore sticking to mobile games. Right now I'm into Tiny Tower and Tiny Tower Vegas because I love the retro art, the humor, and elevators (not kidding). It's very simple and you can play for as little or as long as you want. Doesn't require wi-fi either.
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Hi all. My name is Marianne, and I'm from Maryland, USA. I'm into not just video games, but board games too! I lean towards board games a bit more since my mom and I have been in this meetup group for over six years. We've all played so many. Some of my favorites include Five Crowns, Formula D, Splendor, The Game of Things, Robo Rally, and Allhambra. All of them are great.

Splendor in particular for weeks during meetups has been everyone's favorite! Not only is it a really nice looking game, but it's a very good strategy-wise, with a bit of luck involved. Also, it's a very easy one to learn...

I've played video games for so long. I currently have the GameCube and N64 hooked up to my TV. I'm actually not sure when I'll be getting back to the ones I've been cycling through, but probably not for too much longer! I also have a Nintendo DS Lite, and one of my favorite games on that is Bejeweled 3. Oh, and some old school Sonic games. (Sonic the Hedgehog 2, yeah!)

I'm a self-claimed Last Generation and Retro Gamer. The video game industry unfortunately grows much too fast to my liking, and the shiny new games and consoles are so expensive. (Saving up for a 3DS and two to three certain games for it so far has been such a challenge for me. I wonder how long can I keep at this until I decide to just catch up on favorite manga and comics.)

Last and certainly not least, I'm into video game music remixing. Very much so--for I've got a handful of ideas in my head for certain tunes from these games; Final Fantasy 7, Super Castlevania 4, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, and Darius Twin. ...The Mortal Kombat Techno Syndrome isn't actually directly from any of the MK games, but it's the official theme to the very first game. It sort of counts as a gaming remix!

So, if you'd like, feel free to listen to Mortal Kombat Komputer... Long ago, before this, I put together a few original tributes to my favorite Primal Rage characters--two of them I still really like to listen to sometimes. My more recent original one is a techno/metal industrial tribute to the Creepy Pasta gaming character, Sonic.EXE.

Currently, I'm in the middle of one of my two Darius Twin remix projects, and it's been really exciting! Darius Twin was one of my favorite Super Nintendo games to play as a kid. The enemy spaceships that look like various aquatic animals and music to me make this one memorable.


Feb. 17th, 2015 05:13 pm
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It's been a year!

What have you played lately? Anything new or older you've been spending hours on?

Also favorite 'mobile' games (using quotes because it can be cross-platform games)?


Feb. 11th, 2014 01:42 am
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So first video game ever? (You played not watched) How about board games or card games?

Candy Jam!

Feb. 3rd, 2014 06:21 pm
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You very probably have heard of Candy Crush Saga but have you heard of the Candy Jam? Candy Jam is indie devs' answer to King trying to trademark the words 'candy' and 'saga' and actively going after gaming companies which use either word in their games (e.g. The Banner Saga, which has nothing to do with candies or match-three games but all to do with Vikings).

Here are two of my favorite Candy Jam games:
Candy Escape Goat Saga, after the existing Escape Goat, where you need to free the candy instead of crushing it. Oh sweet beautiful Ann Perkins irony!
Candy's Crushes Saga which wins the Oscar for best pun (in addition to being interesting and original).
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Whoot, my first post! I hope reviews are okay to post here >_< I finished my finals and, to my disappointment, completed Far Cry 3. I wasn't sure whether or not to post this here because I don't know how it'll be received but I think it'd be good for discussion.

- I got this game for $5. Wish I got it for free.
- Ubisoft never disappoints when it comes to scenery, nature, and the animal animations and clippings.
- Gameplay mechanics are wonderful; very much like Assassin's Creed in FPS style. You've got the synchronizing in high places to map out locations, gain more ways to kill/stealth as you progress, do sidequests that don't have anything to do with the main mission, etc.


It's a long list of bad with a bit of profanity so prepare yourselves. If you found this helpful, please rate up on Steam so that it stays visible as it's one of the few honest reviews. Lots of Far Cry 3 stans but I expected it.
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Humble Bundle launches its own store, with daily deals:
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Clearly it's bundle season O_o

The WB Games Bundle
Daedalic Entertainment
The Debut 6 Bundle

Also the gorgeous Morphopolis is out on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Blackberry.
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Indie Royale's Halloween 2 Bundle
The IndieGala Halloween Mix Bundle

Hyper Light Drifter, which you can preorder (kinda low risk imo since they got more than 20 times the amount of money they asked for on their KS so let's jut say there's a good chance the game will happen ;).
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I missed the KS for it. Version 2 has shipped out for iThings and they say they're working on the other versions now.

What are your favorite video game versions of board games? Ticket to Ride? Catan? Pandemic?
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If you've missed the announcements, HB has two bundles on sale:
-- one for Cipher Prime games. Any amount for three games and at least $6 for the whole set. There are about six days left.
-- one for PC and Android 7. Any amount for four games and at least $6.30 for five more games. There are about four days left.

A few more indie projects which I think look interesting:
-- Broken Age
-- Between Me and the Night (also on Steam Greenlight)
-- Night In The Woods (fully funded already!)
-- Knite & The Ghost Lights (also fully funded)
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Three projects you may be interested in backing (or just looking at :):
-- Obduction by Cian, Inc., on Kickstarter. This is the latest opus of the Myst series. For Windows and Mac. There is no demo and they're asking for a lot of money (well not so much compared to the kind of budget they used to have) and the smallest pledge allowing to get a copy of the game is $25. The campaign ends on Nov 16, though so if you're on the fence about this one you still have time.
-- Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim by by Ascension Games on Kickstarter too. Shamelessly and hugely inspired by Zelda Wind-Waker. For Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the demo. Smallest pledge for a copy is $10. The campaign ends on Oct 26 so they may not make it. They did make it! Awesome!
-- Secrets of Raetikon by Broken Rules on Indiegogo. This is an exploration game in what looks like a quite colorful and original universe. You get access to the alpha if you back the project and I think you also get a free copy of their first game, And Yet it Moves, which was really good. I got one although I'd already bought the game when it came out so... The campaign ends on November 22. Smallest pledge is $10 and you don't get a refund if the campaign doesn't meet its end goal.

Forgot Treasure Adventure World by Robit Studios, an open-world platform game for Windows, which you can pre-order for $10. They're doing this on their own without going through KS or Indiegogo.

Ittle Dew

Jul. 24th, 2013 11:42 pm
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Ittle Dew, a classic Zelda-like adventure game whose main character is a girl, is now out on Steam.

here's the trailer so you can decide whether you may like it or not )

Fez II!

Jun. 14th, 2013 01:42 pm
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Announced By The Grace Of Fish: Fez II

Don't know how long it's gonna take him this time, and don't care as long as we get a PC version.