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Happy 5778!

Rosh Hashannah 2017

Tonight [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and I are going to walk over to the lake for tashlich after work, and then we're going to eat food from a Jewish deli that [ profile] tropicanaomega just discovered.

Just put in an order for two Sister-in-Law sandos and some latkes with apple sauce. A sweet year indeed.

Japan reunion ^ 2

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:25 pm
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[ profile] melishus_b and her boyfriend came to visit us this weekend! And I've written about it in detail below.

detail, with pictures )

Next weekend we should see them again, since we'll be in Seattle for a wedding! Just like old times, at least for a brief moment.
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There is a type of mental disorder I know about that really should be addressed. It's a very common one, but there's an amount of people who would rather not recognize it, no matter how bad it is.

The solution cure this disorder should be simple, but it's not. It not only requires time to understand how the human brain works. Curing oneself of it not only requires the understanding how and why various groups of individuals behave the way they do. It also requires self-examination, persistence, and courage to get more people to become aware of why they are insecure and uncertain about themselves. And more, because this disorder is so deep rooted within so many.

It's insanely bad, because it's caused a lot of human suffering for several years, partially due of the lack of knowledge about it. It's caused a lot of people to be at conflict with each other, as well as within themselves without really being aware of it.

What I'm explaining is not just any mental disorder, by the way. It's man-made, and institutionalized through very sinister ways. It's a psychological conditioning embedded so deep within the larger majority of the human race.

Dang. Once I get writing I can never keep it very short. )

Grilled Corn and Peach Salsa

Sep. 17th, 2017 01:52 pm
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This is VERY tasty, I love it, 10/10 highly recommend.

4 or 5 scallions
3 ears of corn
4 ripe peaches (yellow is better)
1/2 large red onion (or equivalent volume of any onion)
1 tbs minced jalapeno
1/4 cup chopped herbs: basil and/or mint (I recommend having at least some basil)
Lime juice to taste
Salt/pepper to taste

1. It's supposed to be grilled corn but I don't have a grill and wouldn't know how to use one, so I cut off the corn kernels and cook them in a skillet.
2. While that's going I chop the scallions and set them aside in a cup. Important to do this before the corn is done.
3. While taking breaks to stir the corn, I pit and chop up the peaches (preserving as much juice as possible), chop the onion, mince the jalapenos, and chop the herbs (a food processor would work well for the herbs).
4. When the corn is done, turn off the heat and add the scallions> Let sit for a bit, stirring occasionally.
5. Combine all ingredients. This is when I add a vigorous dose of lime juice. Stir.

Makes a heck of a lot of salsa!


Sep. 14th, 2017 10:42 pm
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ruffled blue heron sitting on a rope in ballpoint pen and tombow markers

a mouse sitting in a flowerpot with sorrel

doodle of Tykket

ballpoint pen value study of a japanese iris

wip shot of an attempted fanart of atomic blonde

portrait of a person laying on their side merging into fungi

In... order of posting, either L to R or Top to Bottom or something depending on where you're viewing this, but. (Click on them for full size.)

1. Just some random blue heron from a ref on pixabay. Turned out surprisingly well for a sketch that took about an hour, using markers I have no idea how to use with a very limited color selection.
2. My mouse on Mouse Guard is named Sorrel, and a friend of mine was talking about planting sorrel, the plant, in pots, and it just made me think of "potted Sorrel" so. I keep trying to color this and failing.
3. My Asuran mesmer on Guild Wars 2, Tykket. Someday I'll try to tackle the armor but I was just trying to work out how to customize her hair a bit to make her less generic.
4. An iris I decided to try to make a value study of using... ballpoint pen. It took me basically a full day, it was kind of ridiculous, and I regretted the decision one petal in, but it did turn out pretty neat.
5. WIP of fanart of Atomic Blonde that I'm failing to figure out how to actually color. I wanted to watercolor it, but I really am not good enough at watercolor yet and also still couldn't figure out how I actually wanted to color it, so I'm trying digital. Someday I'll finish it?
6. Left-handed drawing in ballpoint and colored pencil. Started out just as a doodle of fungi, then I got lazy about finishing the trunk and put a face on it instead.

I kind of hilariously got a couple more paints so I could have a better range of colors for watercolor and then... haven't managed to do anything.

(ETA: ughhh browser incompatibilities rendering flexbox, I'll try to fix the wrapping again tomorrow, sorry for the overflow.)
(ETA2: fixed, I think, hopefully isn't overflowing on anybody's system now... unless you're still on IE11, then I'm sorry)

Game Review: The Shivah

Sep. 14th, 2017 05:49 pm
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Why do bad things happen to good people? What purpose does suffering serve? Is there some greater end, some trial through which G-d is putting us with the ultimate goal of tempering us, like steel hammered out on the forge? Or is it just a part of life that we have to learn to deal with, and maintain our own composure and avoid temptation while doing so? Does G-d understand the compromises that we have to make to exist in the imperfect world, or does He gaze sternly upon us and demand better?

And if you think there's a lot of questions in the preceeding paragraph, you should see some of the dialogue in this game.

The Shivah is the first commercial game by Dave Gilbert, of Wadjet Eye fame, though I wouldn't have guessed that just from playing it. That's partially because this is the "Kosher Edition," with voice acting and revamped graphics, but also because it's polished and very well designed without a lot of the pitfalls that adventure games usually fall into. I felt more like an investigator during the Shivah than I ever did during Gabriel Knight, and without any of the latter game's sleaziness. The Shivah is grounded, which is its greatest strength.

The Shivah detective rabbi
Adventure games.

Read more... )


Sep. 14th, 2017 10:55 pm
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It has been one of those days.

It started off with a dream I had. I had acquired a new cat, and for some reason I was taking the cat somewhere by car and my mother was driving. We were on a dual carriageway, going at about 60mph, and the driver's side window was open. Somehow, the cat - that wasn't in a carrier or on a leash or anything - managed to climb out of the window, walked across the car roof and then leapt off into the road - and oncoming traffic.

The impossibility of the dream wasn't the problem. The events of the dream upset me so much that I woke up in a state of high anxiety, and the day went downhill from there.

(I actually woke up to Lily nuzzling my knee, because she has the ability to tell when I'm sleepwalking/sleeptalking/having something that could become a night terror and wakes me up from them without traumatising me further. Which is a nice way to wake up, at least.)

So after I woke up I was anxious and distressed, which ended up combining into depression that I couldn't shake no matter what I tried. So eventually, feeling tearful and desperate and generally miserable enough that I was contemplating bad things, I did what I've been told to do in the past when I'm like this and called the mental health centre and asked to speak to the Duty Professional.

When I got to speak to him, it was a guy who had run an Anxiety and Depression group I took part in at the beginning of the year, which at least meant he knew me... but unfortunately he was also not exactly full of practical and helpful advice and energy. I explained how I was feeling and what I had tried to do, how it was making me feel worse, and his main piece of advice was to "do things that I liked doing". Which is something I had thought of myself, to be honest. He also didn't even know if I was on a waiting list for CBT or any other sort of psychological therapy, because of course with my care co-ordinator still being off sick (and now it's looking like she's not coming back at all) no-one knows what's going on with me at all. Which is another reason I'm feeling depressed and abandoned by just about everyone. So he said he'd look into that for me, and that was about it.

So I went into town and bought yarn and donuts. Which did at least help my mood a little.

But it rained on and off the whole time and I got caught in a couple of downpours, and then when it came time to get the bus home... the bus couldn't go the full route because there'd been a major accident on the road leading to my stop, so the bus couldn't get there. So I ended up with an extra 15 minute walk (in the rain) to get home. But I did see a rainbow and the walk was mostly downhill rather than the uphill struggle it would have been if I'd gotten a different bus.

Since then I've been watching, making a start on a cardigan with the new yarn (here) - the yarn is a lovely colour and was quite cheap when I saw it in the shop, but now that I'm using it I'm discovering that it's a bit fiddly to work front and back post crochet stitches with. Hopefully this is something that will clear up as I get used to it - and eating donuts. If I had my way I'd not leave the house tomorrow, but I've got to go to the PDSA to pick up Lily's prescription, so I'll just have to try to be efficient with it.


Sep. 13th, 2017 10:45 pm
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I had to put the heating on today. In early September. That's just not right. Personally I could have gone a few more weeks without it, but Lily made her displeasure known to me this morning by climbing onto me and refusing to move, leeching my body heat. Such a prima donna; it's only one degree below 10 C. But I don't want her to be unhappy or uncomfortable, especially considering her health, so the heating goes on, at least at night, for now.

Bloody climate change.

I've been trying to catch up on my sleep and energy levels these past few days, which means I still haven't gone to see The Dark Tower as I had vaguely planned for this week. Instead, I've been playing quite a fair bit of XCOM 2 (even though I've not finished the first one yet). Still just as bad at base management and multi-tasking, but the ability to customise my soldiers and kit them out in full Mad Max gear more than makes up for it. Which is why my troops now include Imperator Furiosa, Max Rocketansky, Natasha Romanov and Jason Voorhees (he came wearing a hockey mask and became a Ranger, and one-shots people with a throwing axe. What other name could I have given him?). As for the game, I'm getting through it by degrees and a surprisingly low amount of save-scumming (saved for moments such as when a Viper gets a lucky crit and one-shots someone, for example).

Also today, while I was out getting the cat food so Lily and Callie don't eat me in my sleep, I ended up wandering into PC World and buying a microphone in the next step towards making those videos I keep theorycrafting. It seems to be a pretty good mic - USB, has a stand, volume and mute controls, supposedly noise-cancelling from certain angles, and a good deal cheaper than the other "pro" microphones in the store, which were all around £120, while this one was only £35. So now I have one less reason to keep putting this thing off, because even £35 is not to be sneezed at. I'll try to test it out this weekend.

(no subject)

Sep. 12th, 2017 10:18 pm
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My video game backlog is unreal now.

I just found out they are releasing Okami on the PS4 and that is a game I can finally play!

I'm pretty excited.

🍖 -> 🍗

Sep. 12th, 2017 02:31 pm
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I made the first change in my lunch in five years, though it hasn't quite taken effect. Every day at work I have a steak salad with goat cheese and two vegetables chosen from tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, celery, zucchini, and mushrooms; a hard-boiled egg; and some dark chocolate. I decided to swap out the steak for roasted chicken and see if I like it, and if so, I'll switch over permanently. Enjoying the same food over and over saves me a lot of money--I've eaten the same breakfast for the last six years--but sometimes, a change is nice.

To my boundless surprise after my last post about it, the database upgrades apparently worked and it now runs as smooth as butter. Not a single crash or error yesterday or today. The real test is if it works through Friday. If so, I might be finally in the clear.

Might. I'm sure it'll be terrible in a couple months again.

I'm back to reading 世界の中心で while Aya-sensei is on vacation, and the protagonist is currently at a friend's house whose parents have a mussel farm. It means that there's a lot of animal-related terms that I have to keep stopping to look up. Sometimes I feel bad about about my animal-related Japanese vocabulary, and then I look up カワハギ and I realize I don't know what a thread-sail filefish is either. I at least know the common animals I'm likely to have to talk about in country living, like crows (烏), cranes (鶴), frogs (蛙), wild boar (猪), deer (鹿), cicadas (蝉), etc. You can just talk about fish by color, anyway, because that's all you can tell in a restaurant.

Exciting times.

Trick or Treat 2017 letter

Sep. 12th, 2017 10:54 am
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 Dear Trick or Treat writer,

Thank you for participating this year; I look forward to reading your contribution to a fandom I love. First, a few things about me.: I write what I like to read, so if you're ever feeling uncertain, you might give my AO3 profile some perusal. I've provided prompts but don't mind if you deviate for a better idea, and please, please, please, don't confuse number of prompts, their degree of detail, or apparent enthusiasm for having favorites that I want more than the others. Everything is here because it's something I want.

My likes include but are not limited to time-travel mucking things up, family dynamics (including found families), and characters learning new things about each other or themselves. But I'm also pretty forgetful and don't want anyone to feel shackled to my arbitrary list of "likes I could think of today."  So, in this letter I also have some Do Not Wants, some fandom-specific information and prompts that I hope will be inspiring in one way or another.
A/B/O, soul-bonding, etc. (basically, no relationship dynamic forged by supernatural/mystical means)
Established relationships with no real basis in canon.
Sexual violence or humiliation
Alternate-setting AUs (no coffee shops, high schools, or peasant/royalty here)
Significant age-gap romance (especially between characters with a parent/child, mentor/mentee relationship)

2nd-person/reader fic
Characters: Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III, T'Pol, Lorian, Captain Jonathan Archer, Travis Mayweather
Why I love it: Enterprise had some great characters and set up great stories for them, but rarely really paid them off. But I love, love, love Trip, T'Pol and Archer.
What I wish were better: Trip/T'Pol was dead-end after dead-end, and it was so frustrating. Also, after having such a great third season, it seemed like all these emotions that would "be with T'Pol for the rest of her life," kind of got relegated to the occasional weird expression and were rarely used to facilitate her relationships.

Prompts (in no particular order of preference):


1. I love the Season 3, Ep. 21 E-squared verse so much. Fill in any gaps for the Tucker family. Lorian optional, in case you want to cover early parts OF Trip/T’Pol’s relationship or the pregnancy. But I’d also enjoy dynamics between the three. Or Trip and Lorian. Or T'Pol and Lorian. Or just a focus on the Lorian we get in the episode, who is clearly unsettled but kind of happy to be able to talk to his father again and full of tension with his mother. Or maybe early on when T'Pol and Trip are still being super stubborn about each other even though they both realize something's there, Trip and Travis have a talk upside down in the Enterprise sweet spot, since Travis certainly must have experienced relationship squabbles in space while growing up on a cargo freighter.For reference: More information on Lorian. More on the episode. For my thoughts on it, click here. Pretty much anything you give me with these folks will be loved.
2. Ignore the series finale and show me Trip and T'Pol after baby Elizabeth. Do they find comfort with each other? Do they try to start a family? Do they leave their romantic attempts in the past and become great friends who would never be as frustratingly awkward around each other as they were in that not-too-distant future? Just give me all the Trip/T’Pol, because I love them so.
3. E2-Trip died when Lorian was 14, and it seems like Archer really stepped in to fill the role not just of captain, but as surrogate father-figure to his best friend’s son. Show me their relationship.
4. This one is only tangential to Trip, so I’m not really expecting it unless you're here for Archer, but Similitude is another of my favorite episodes and it just glossed over the engineering team finding Trip, Phlox treating him and Archer getting the news. I’d like to see those scenes, but I don't ship Trip/Archer at all.

Fandom-specific DNWs:
Explicit Archer/T'Pol, but if you take Prompt 3 and want to put them together (without a cheating element between whoever bore Archer's kid) as a point of reference, I wouldn't hate the idea.


Character: Frank Sullivan
Why I like it: This is one of my favorite movies, and it got the TV treatment last year, so I hope interest in it is renewed. It's a great father-son tale that turns into a nice (albeit confusing) murder mystery, and I just love it so much. If you were brought here by another a fandom or need a refresher, it goes like this: John Sullivan is 36 when he dusts off his dad's old ham radio, and thanks to some movie-magic-science-nonsense ends up using it to talk to his dad, Frank, the day before Frank died while fighting a fire 30 years ago. He stops that from happening, but the repercussion is that John's mom is missing from the future, having fallen victim to a serial killer in the 1960s. They work together across time to find and stop her killer before she dies.
Two pair of lines prompt three scenarios for me:
"She just died? Your mother just died?" "No, Dad. It happened a long time ago for me."
1. After this exchange, Frank considers a future without Julia and what it would be like to raise John by himself.
2. Lop off the last half of that conversation, and give me a story where Julia really DID just die in the future and Frank has to talk a devastated John through it.
"Time to die, soldier."
(Said on John's end, heard on Frank's)
3. Frank's forgotten a lot of things in his lifetime, but he's carried those four words in his head for 30 years. Show me Old Man Frank Sullivan, waiting for the day he knows is coming. The day the man who tried to kill his wife will try to kill his son.
Characters: Coach Bobby Finstock, Isaac Leahy, Chis Argent, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski
Why I love it: I've long had an affinity for the adult characters of this show and I love the earlier seasons when they all had regular contributions to the story.
What I wish were better: As the series has progressed, the adults seem less and less relevant, randomly showing up to do one thing and then disappearing into the ether -- even when it makes perfect sense for them to be around -- until some future point when they can drop wisdom and disappear again. And the baby pack may as well not even have parents, but that's not really relevant to my prompts (but I'd be open if you want to explore their relationships to these characters).

1. Coach’s conversation with Meredith in 3.23 Insatiable always made me feel like he knew a little more about Beacon Hills’ supernatural-ness than he ever let on. I'd love to see an exploration of that, either by way of inserting him more fully into the canon stories, as an observer with thoughts on said stories or in the form of Coach backstory.
2. Bobby has a lot of rough edges and isn't exactly the nurturing type. But he hates bullies, and he hates adults who validate bullies, and most of all he hates adults who bully their own kids. So when it comes to the Leahy family, there may not be much he can do, but he’s always got an eye out. 
3. Finstock, Argent, Stilinski and Melissa all have their soft spots for Isaac, explore 1 or more of their views on why.

Characters: Axl Heck, Rev. Tim-Tom

Axl’s an adult now, and I’d like to see him wrestle with adult problems. Maybe he’s struggling in a job that’s not as awesome as he’d expected to get. Maybe living on his own for the first time is harder than he expected. Maybe he’s having girl trouble (or boy trouble, if you want to introduce it within the framework of Axl being closeted and just starting to really come to terms with his sexuality) or wants to get married (after finding someone so much better than April) or there’s an unplanned pregnancy in his future. Just give Axl some adult drama, and if you got here by way of a Rev. Tim-Tom offering (or are just so inspired) make him be who Axl reluctantly goes to for guidance when he realizes he doesn’t want to take these problems to his family.  What sort of advice would The Reverend Timothy Thomas give? How does he see Axl compared to the rest of the Hecks? Would they bond over guitars and music? 

Fandom-specific DNW: 
They definitely fall under my age-gap general DNW, but I also don't want Axl to be nursing an unrequited crush on Tim-Tom, if his angst is sexuality based.

Character: Quentin Lance

Prompt: Quentin looks around the bunker at all the disguises and gear lining the walls and remembers when the kids used to put on masks to get candy, not criminals.
Fandom-specific DNWs: Drunken Quentin. Excessive Sarah or Laurel angst. You may want to set your story in a time where one or both of them are dead (or "dead"), and that's fine, but I'd prefer him to have a decent grip on his horses.
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Dramatis Personae:
  • Shining Star, mandragora sorcerer-priestess of Nyahré.
  • Father James, human disciple of the pidgit-folk.
  • Willow, human treesinger raised in Taira.
  • Amos Burnham, a human from Earth.
  • Elaphe, a chuzan junior member of the Black Rose.
Bonnie left soon after the snow fell, deciding after discussion with her father that she would return to Chai to continue her orator studies. She rode out with a caravan bound for Chai early in the Month of Frost after bidding farewell to the others, and then set her face to the east. The Green Knight also left a week later, his disciple Drifting Snow in tow, saying that it was the will of the forest spirits that called him elsewhere.

Some time later, Amos was walking through the new-fallen snow in the square outside the temple of the goddesses when he saw another human! A man dressed like a vagabond, playing a shell game for a trio of amanita who clearly did not understand the rapidly-spoken Muscalan that the human was giving his pitch in. Amos watched to see if the amanita would get swindled, but while one wandered away, the others actually won a small amount of money and the other human packed up his gear and left. Amos stood in the square for a while until he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was the human, who spoke in a British accent and introduced himself as Father James, a priest of Mark Twain, a god unfamiliar to Amos. They chatted for a short time until Shining Star stepped out of the temple and saw them, and she stopped to see who Amos was talking to. Moments later, another human stepped out of the tea house on the other side of the square and stopped in shock at the sight of two others from his own world of birth.

After an excited discussion in English between Willow, Father James, and Amos that Shining Star waited out politely, the four of them, along with a limping Elaphe, retreated into the tea house to drink rice wine and mushroom beer and swap stories. Over the next week and a half they got to know each other better and decided to go treasure-hunting. Shining Star and Amos were pushing for a strike against the Dragon Emperor, and while they knew they weren't powerful enough to do so now, they thought that finding more ancient artifacts and then performing a decapitation strike on the Dragon Empire and letting the Dragon Emperor's eight children fight a civil war in the ruins might be their best bet. With winter in effect and snow a yard high, they left on the 17th of the Month of Frost for the pipe that would take them through B'rabt to Rockfort and on to that pipe that led to the jungle.

On the way out of the city, they noticed people staring upward at the sky and turned to see that the Silent Ones were casting off the lines on the floating ship they were building over the Scarlet City. As the party watched, the propellers on one end began to turn and the ship began to move, accelerating forward and then turning in a wide arc toward the north, where it passed out of sight.

The trip to the jungle ziggurat ruins was uneventful. With Bonnie gone, there was no one who could speak B'rabti in the group, and while Shining Star could use the Royal Speech to make herself understood, they found no one who could or would speak back until they arrived at the tea house in the B'rabti town with the pipe to Rockfort. Willow attempted to use his charm and good looks to win them a better price on the room, but the mycon proprieter just glared at him and raised the price. They paid for a few extra days to stable their mounts and in the morning, went through the pipe and out of Rockfort into the wild. As they passed the farms that had been abandoned, they noticed that now they were inhabited, but the inhabitants ran inside and locked the doors at the sight of a group of heavily-armed individuals walking toward them.

The other side of the pipe was a steaming jungle, with a broken plaza leading to a ruined ziggurat mostly obscured by overgrowth, and after removing their heavy winter clothing, the group advanced across the square. While Elaphe and Father James could hear a loud buzzing audible even over the sounds of the jungle coming from somewhere in the canopy, but they didn't see anything and nothing came to attack them, so they climbed the ziggurat steps and entered the top. Amos summoned up a witchlight, revealing a small room maybe twenty-five feet square with a stone bowl in the center, anything in it long since gone, and four statues in the four cardinal directions. One was a turtle, one was some sort of bird, and the other two weren't identifiable. There were stairs leading up and down, and the party took the stairs up first. The room was empty, with a bit of light coming from windows in the crown of the dome, and an obsidian knife in the dust on the floor. Elaphe carefully picked it up and handed it over to Shining Star, who didn't sense anything actively malicious from it. She gave it to Amos, who wrapped it up and put it away. The party went down two levels to a room with four pillars, a pit in the center of the room below the basin in the room above, and no other exits, though they found a half-mask on the floor made of gold and severely tarnished silver. They considered descending through the pit until Elaphe decided to look for any secret doors, and he and Father James's ravens found separate hinged section of stone walls that opened, revealing stairways down.

They descended down a level and began to explore, finding only kong bones mixed with other bones they couldn't identify. The humans heard a low murmuring, like rock rubbing against rock, echoing through the ziggurat, and Elaphe heard a sound of something clicking on stone, but the buzzing they had heard earlier was gone. Then, as they went down a corridor toward another room, Father James heard a message from his raven spirit, Hundred Wings, asking him where he had gone. Turning, he found a rock wall behind them with a corridor curving around to the left. After a hurried discussion, they found the lower end of the pit that led from the room above, and some of the ravens flew door from above, and then flew a rope back up and secured it to a statue. Elaphe held onto one end of the rope and kept an eye on the pit while Amos, Willow, and Father James looked down the corridor. They found a room that might have been a guard room, with some rust on the walls and spearpoints carved like snakeheads on the floor, though the spear shafts had long since rotted away. Amos could see a door at the far end, made of metal and still intact, and with the others' help he forced it open. Inside was a small room with a figure seated on an ivory stool in front of a low table. It was a kong wearing elaborate robes and a headdress, somehow in good condition despite the jungle humidity and with its flesh withered as though mummified. Amos entered the room with his musket ready and saw several items of jewelry on the table just as Elaphe heard the sound of claws on stone behind him, turned, and found nothing there.

He called out to the others and they hurried back to the rope. Father James told Hundred Wings to fetch the treasure, and the ravens brought back two rings, a kong-sized half-mask made of silver and gold like the one they found above, and a gold pendant with a banana tree surrounded by kong glyphs. As the rumble came again, they began to climb the rope back toward the top. They had almost made it when Amos felt the rope shiver, and then it snapped.

This is two sessions together because session twenty-eight was mostly character creation and getting the new characters together.

Elaphe pushed for leaving because while if it bleeds, he can kill it, he's much less confident about spirits or ghosts. And that is a weak spot of this party. Shining Star can fight demonic spirits with her sorcery, but if the spirit is just annoyed that its home has been disturbed, there's not much she can do, and they don't have any other way to affect the immaterial. Shining Star and Amos are pretty keen to keep exploring, though, since they haven't looked around the entire complex and there are still the insects that were making that buzzing sound. Elaphe was pretty excited about the idea of poisoning his weapons.

Next time is in three weeks, when we'll see what happens as the party falls down and the deal with whatever is trying to keep them in the ziggurat!

Neil Young - Hitchhiker

Sep. 10th, 2017 11:44 pm
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Um, can we (or I) please talk about the new/old Neil Young album that just came out? Hitchhiker, it's called. It's basically a lost album, recorded one night in 1976. It's just Neil and his guitar (and a harmonica), and it's pretty fucking great, man!!

Only two of the ten songs are "new" songs ("Hawaii" and "Give Me Strength"), but I'd only heard a few of the songs before (different versions, of course). There's a stripped down version of "Powderfinger" on there that's really nice!! It's the second track. I also really loved the title track, which I'd never heard before!

I mean, really though, every track on this album is great! I've heard a fair amount of his albums, but I think I'm going to make it a point to listen to all 38(!) of them, even the ones that aren't as popular. I just love Neil Young! Can't get enough! Even have thought about getting a Neil Young related tattoo! Not a portrait or anything like that, but like some sort of reference? I adore his music that much!! ❤🎶

Anyway, if you like Neil Young, you can listen to Hitchhiker on Spotify! It's also on Youtube they took it down.

Goodbye, LJ

Sep. 10th, 2017 11:26 pm
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I deleted my LJ tonight. I made a little post the other day, saying goodbye and wishing my LJ friends the best (even though one of them hurt my feelings [which I know is easily done]* I'm too damn sensitive).

I have about 5 friends who actually still post there, who I left behind. But I'm at peace with it now. I mean, they know where to find me (here, on DW), I made sure of that, trust me! 😂 I practically begged them all to follow me over to DW, but hey, what can ya do? The ball's in their court.

It's sort of like when you're courting a dude. Like, if he likes you, he'll call. That sorta thing. And if they like me, they'll come find me. And if they don't like me... Well then what fuck?? 😂😂😂

me AF


See ya LJ, wouldn't wanna be ya!!! 👋

*Nothing serious, just ignoring my comments - very nice comments too, I thought! Maybe I was just a little too forward? I really don't know what the deal is... Maybe that person is just a jerk! Oh, well! It happens!
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​Originally I was going to skip this week, because it's been a long day and I didn't think we had any chocolate in the queue other than Raaka, which I try not to do too much of in a row. But then I remembered that we'll be gone the next two weekends and found one extra chocolate bar buried under the others, so I changed my mind and here we are!

Nothing else to say this week. Let's talk about chocolate
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